Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Ever wondered how to develop an android app? Or have you wondered what exactly android apps are? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Google's popular mobile operating system doesn't have a single, defining technology. It's actually quite a complicated beast, made up of various software, hardware, and integrated technologies. We break down and define the parts, but we can't go too deep here.

Mobile app development is another thing that might sound like something but isn’t quite defining. Basically, all types of development that are done on or using a personal computer can be transmitted over some time, or include video, text, images, or other multimedia and files.

Enabling approximately 73% of mobile devices worldwide, Android definitely stands out as one of the most sought after app development platforms. We are an Android application development company in India, which empowers large businesses, SMBs, and startups with interactive, future, and easy-to-use travel solutions. With the legacy of perfection, we have created hundreds of Android apps. Reach out to get industry-class android app development services at a competitive price.

Why Andriod Development

  • Huge Device Market Share: Android has become the best-selling mobile operating system in the world for the past decade. However, it is no longer just a smartphone OS. It enables many other features, such as Wear, e-Readers, Google Glass, and Android TV. On all these devices, the basic development is very similar as they are all powered by Android. Android held a share of about 91 per cent of the mobile operating system market in India.’ The giant also dominates the global market. ‘It held over 80 per cent of the global smartphone market as of the fourth quarter of 2016.”

  • Easier Entry: To build an Android app, all you have to do is register yourself as a developer, create your own APK, and submit it to the Android mobile application development forum. This process is much simpler than having to sign up for the iOS platform. In the case of Android, Android applications can be created on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • Power Of Google: Google's approach to thinking and development is filtering out its programs in its stores. Being a genius, Android is the most fun thing to play with. This policy is very flexible to include applications, which gives developers more space to test and innovate. Choosing Android app upgrades enables new ideas and plays an important role in making apps that enhance the quality of life of clients early.

  • Customization: One of the great advantages of Android to custom ROMs. The ROM you know is Read-Only-Memory, which is basically the firmware on which your smartphones work. Since Android is open-source, the developer can make changes and redesign the code and upgrade it to a variety of gadgets. It combines the structure and behaviour of your device.

  • Low Cost and High ROI: Since Android has a large number of clients from different growing domains, apps are less expensive. Most of the apps are free and easily available in the play store compared to other apps. This is especially helpful for new organizations to implement their applications. Cheap or free applications go a long way in promoting the application and the organization behind you.

  • Flexible Features: What features will you offer for your business application? Since Android is open-source, you can customize your Android app with great flexibility - perform the functions and features required by your user. Using Java Platform to upgrade the Android app makes it easy to deploy the application on different platforms such as Ubuntu and Symbian. Therefore, you as a business owner will have the opportunity to identify various forums through Android Application Development.

Aapexo is your one-stop-shop. So, if you're looking for android development services like UX, UI, or Android App Development, we can offer assistance with anything from landing pages to app marketing - and beyond. We can be your best bet! Aapexo was created to help entrepreneurs begin building an Android app on their own. Today, we’re a team of architects and developers who work to deliver you nothing but the best service. With us, the path to app creation will be clearer and the route to commercial success will be simpler and more direct.

mobile app development

Anyone you talk to will tell you that making Android OS apps is a good idea. They are not at fault, but for experienced app developers detailed information is needed before making a decision that can have long-term consequences. Of course, the first thing to consider is the reasons for choosing Android. As new platforms grow, Apple's iOS and Google's Android remain global market leaders. If your budget manages the internal development and launch of both Android apps, the problem is solved. However, choosing a single platform to do this work on your behalf often leads to better use of funds, resources, time-saving and talent. The astounding development of technology that is currently shaping the world is Mobile phones. Since the advent of this device to date, it is more about a revolutionary change not only in the world of communication but also in brand marketing as well. Now on one hand mobile is connecting people through social media on the other hand it is bringing brands to your doorstep through apps and marketing.

Before going to Android Application Development, deciding on an app development platform depends largely on factors such as the audience you target, app features, project timeline, revenue, and adjustment budget.

For large corporate assets, various platforms can be used to develop applications at the same time, and for a small business, this is an important question, which can determine the failure or success of a business.

Organizations today are focusing on mobile applications to expand their systems to win over the customer base. Android dominates the mobile application market, with a market share of over 86% in app development.

Is your Android app performing optimally? The answer is no? Aapexo android development service to the rescue. Aapexo is an elite android software development service provider to hire expert android app developers to build engaging and user-friendly apps for your business.

mobile app development

Why Aapexo For Mobile App Development?

Aapexo is a smart android app development company providing innovative platforms for entrepreneurs. Transforming their dreams into reality, we provide premium mobile app development services such as android app development, native app development, mobile app development and web applications at affordable prices starting in 2021. We help you in building a powerful mobile app in a short time to market. And our expert android app developers are very much experienced in this field. Our team has proven expertise in building tailored, secure, and fully functional mobility solutions. Check out our suite of Android app development services.

  • Custom App Development

    We can create easy-to-use and interactive cross-industry Android applications within a fast change. From concept to development and implementation - include our latest and advanced Android app development tools to turn your unique business ideas into reality.

  • UI / UX Design

    We are proud to have extensive experience in UI / UX design. Combining future designs with unparalleled performance, our apps showcase the beauty of each product and provide an in-depth user experience. Hire Android engineers for us to reach a wider audience and give your business a new development.

  • Feature extension

    We support the growth of your business. With us, you can introduce your ideas to meet the competitive edge and continue to add features and functionality according to your business requirement. We are committed to providing a comprehensive mobility solution and may also integrate third-party APIs to maximize existing features.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is a part of keeping your app user-friendly at all times. From security review to upgrades, UI changes to bug tracking and fixing – we offer extensive support and maintenance. You can focus on your core business development while we optimize your app’s performance.

Aapexo is leading the Android app development revolution. Offer the highest quality, fast responses, and unmatched service to businesses globally. Our experienced team of professional app developers is aware of the latest trends and can quickly provide you with a cost-effective and time-saving solution. At Aapexo, we have an excellent group of highly skilled, qualified Android developers. We can provide a range of services in Android app development, such as custom app design, custom app development, android optimization, android testing, and app development. We have the most dedicated group of professionals who are not only experienced but also innovators. They know the industry in and out and would help in developing the business concepts that you have envisioned.

So what's holding you back? Contact us for a seamless mobile apps for your business TODAY!